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Dubai’s Hyperloop

World’s first Hyperloop coming to the UAE.

Imagine Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes in a hyperloop transport.

Dubai is set to be home to the world’s first Hyperloop One transport link, expected to begin operations for passengers in 2020. It is a proposed mode of passenger and freight transport that would propel a pod-like vehicle through a reduced-pressure tube set to exceed airliner speed.

The hi-tech transport system would see travel times between Dubai and Abu Dhabi slashed to as little as 12 minutes! This new mode of transportation can connect all modes of existing transportation.

Benefits of Hyperloop include higher standards of passengers safety and lower maintenance costs than high-speed rail and energy usage that is similar to a bicycle per kilogram-kilometer.

Once operational, passengers will be able to book travel on the magnetically levitated system with a smartphone app that the creators promise will provide a door-to-door service. Developers promise direct travel between destinations, with journeys between Dubai and Fujairah as low as 10 minutes and Dubai to Riyadh in 40 minutes.

The project will be split in to three phases, with the first focusing on creating a network in Dubai. It will then link with Abu Dhabi and the final phase is expanding to the rest of the GCC. The initial infrastructure plan shows that Hyperloop One intends to connect the two emirates, which are 150km apart. The map reveals that they are aiming at connecting Dubai Airport, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Al Maktoum Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport and the center of Abu Dhabi.

Hyperloop One has previously said they could have an operational system built in the UAE in the next five years, after signing an agreement with the Roads and Transport Authority. This innovative system would ease pressure on existing infrastructure and presents the potential for the Middle East to reinvent and transform transportation.


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