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The Best Oreo Desserts in Town

Wanna know where the best oreo desserts in town are?

There are good desserts, there are bad desserts… and then there are Oreodesserts.  With a rich creamy centre, sandwiched by two midnight cookies, you know you’ve hit the sweet-treat jackpot when you come across it on a dessert menu.

Picking the best Oreo dessert is no easy task people; there are just sooomany around the city to choose from. But fear not, we’ve gone ahead and done the delicious dirty work for you and handpicked 7 gotta-eat Oreo desserts that won’t disappoint. You are SO welcome…



The Oreo Dream Extreme 

Who can turn down a cheesecake made with Oreo cookies? Not us, that’s for sure. Baked with their classic cheesecake recipe, The cake connoisseurs at The Cheesecake Factory have done it again with a creamy concoction that fuses Oreo cookie mousse, fudge cake and milk chocolate frosting into one delicious cream-cheesy slice. Here’s the inside scoop on what to expect when eyeing-up the American eatery’s massive selection of sweet treats.

12677645_1558490484443581_1112912864_nThe Oreo Midnight Pancakes

Known for a bevy of Instagrammable breakfast dishes, drinks, and desserts, Cocoa Room’s popular Oreo Midnight Pancakes, may be one of its best. Order a plate of these fabulous flapjacks and prepare to be blown away by a beautiful combo of chocolate Oreo pancakes, Oreo dust, and chocolate ice cream drizzled with warm fudge sauce.



The Oreo Triple Decker

Known for its charming Parisian interiors, Bertin Bistro’s signature Triple Layer Cake goes against its Francophile roots to bring you an extravagant American dessert with flair. Marrying together Oreo crumble, vanilla mousse & salted caramel, this fetching confection is a confirmed crowd-pleaser. Our undercover team have been there to bring you all you need to know about prices, location and more. Bon Appétit!

Which one would you try?


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